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Art and Science 2014

Titel: intrinsic sonics

Date: summer 2014

Type: Interaktive Audio Installation

Länge: -

Place: Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM)

Keywords: Interaktion, Instalation, Art & Science, Hybrid Media

Content: RHIZOPE - art and science - hybrid art and interdiscipinary research was and exhibition and conference in Tallinn Estonia. I participated with a work called "intrinsic sonics".

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intrinsic sonics installation


How does stone sound? Or soil? Or wood? The proposed audio installation allows people to interact with „dumb“ substances like stone and explore their sonic characteristics within an spatial sonic environment.

When we have to deal with different materials that surround us in our environment, we usually use tactile and visual sense. We touch things and feel them. We look at things and as babies we even taste them to understand what they are about. Thereby the audible sense is hardly used to explore the consistency of material.

So how does different material sound? Metal (if thin enough) vibrates and therefore sounds in itʻs very special way when hit. And we all know how paper sounds when ripped. But what about solid substances that do not vibrate so easily? Is there a sonic „life“ inside a block of concrete? And how does the material filter the sounds from the sonic environment that surrounds it? The installation approaches the material from a sonic point of view.

In order to support the involvement with the material and enhance the joy of exploration, people can interact with the material and manipulate the sonic experience. As there is a four channel playback of the sounds, the user and the cubes (recording the replayed sounds) become themselves part of closed spatial acoustic „eco“ system.

On a meta level, questions regarding sound ecology (see R. Murray Schafer) and our behavior shaping our sonic environment come up.

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