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Titel: Brahmavihara

Datum: 2014

Art: Violin, Clarinet and Live Electronics - 4 channels

Länge: 45 minutes

Sofware: AudioMulch

Ort: Pärnu, Estonia

Keywords: Motion Graphic Notation, Animated Notation

Beschreibung: Brahmavihara refers to four Buddhist
virtues and the meditation practices to
cultivate them.

The four movements of this piece do not follow a specific musical structure
or form. It is rather a ‘stream of consciousness’ in an audiovisual sense.

The primary tool for this composition was Motion Graphic Notation (MGN).
MGN is defined by the following six principles:

   Universal Validity - the score needs to
   work for audience, acoustic instruments
   and live electronics alike.

   Transparency - the actions of the
   performers have to be understandable
   for the audience watching the score.

   Time-Based Media - the score uses
   exclusively time-based media like
   video and animation.

   Sustainability and Definiteness - the score
   seeks a definite, recognizable and
   reproducible form of communicating
   musical events.

   Usability - the score provides an easy-
   to-use interface for musical purposes.

   Comprehensibility - the score is
   understandable and applicable only by
   using these six principles.

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